Today's Country 1077 'GNA has been watching the Nashville news wire very closely today. Tim McGraw, one of the biggest super stars in country music was in court today awaiting a judge's ruling on an injunction his former label Curb Records filed trying to prevent him from leaving the label.

We have just received word that Davidson County Chancery Court Chancellor Russell Perkins ruled in McGraw's favor and said the injunction from Curb was not valid and that Tim McGraw is free to leave the label and shop a new record deal. Tim McGraw was the biggest star in Curb's country division and not having him on the label will cost them a ton of money in the long run. Tim's wife Faith Hill was in the court with Tim when the ruling came down.

McGraw is not totally out of the woods yet though. In a separate legal filing McGraw has a trial set with Curb Records who sued him for breach of contract. Although the two matters are unrelated many legal insiders feel today's ruling in favor of McGraw will help his chances in the July trial. The big news though is that no matter how that trial turns out Tim McGraw will no longer be recording music for Curb Records.