As the sporting world debates whether or not he's still the worlds greatest golfer Tiger is still the top of at least one list, Tiger is the reigning "Highest Paid Athlete".

Here's the Top Ten:

1.  Tiger Woods,  $78.1 million We all know Tiger. the world's highest paid athlete and most famous golfer.

2.  Roger Federer,  $71.5 million Tennis star

3.  Kobe Bryant,  $61.9 million NBA

4.  LeBron James,  $59.8 million NBA

5.  Drew Brees,  $51 million NFL

6.  Aaron Rodgers,  $49 million NFL

7.  Phil Mickelson,  $48.7 million Golfer

8.  David Beckham,  $47.2 million Retired Soccer Player

9.  Cristiano Ronaldo,  $44 million Soccer

10.  Lionel Messi,  $41.3 million Soccer