Two out of three movies I would go see this weekend, not too shabby. I will openly admit I have zero interest in "The Three Stooges". However, "Lockout" looks like a fun Syfy action movie with a "escape from New York" feel, and "Cabin In The Woods" is a horror movie- I'm in. First stop as we hit the Trailer Park is "The Three Stooges". I have always thought Will Sasso (who plays Curly) was very funny, so I hope I'm wrong... but this looks bad.



Next stop, ACTION! Guy Pearce (from "Memento") has to save the President's daughter from rioting inmates in a futuristic prison.



Final stop this week is "Cabin In The Woods". I love scary movies, but I have one concern about this one. There is a practice in Hollywood of holding a movie back if you don't think it's good enough to beat it's competition. This movie was ready to come out last year and was held until after Chris Hemsworth (Thor) was a big star. Might be a bad sign, but I'll give it a chance.