On Friday morning, about 1:00 a.m., Albany Police got a call from someone who told them about some people that looked underage, and were going into Stone Crow Pub And Grill on Yates Street.

In a report from YNN, when the police got there, they noticed a girl that turned out to be 18-years-old and was visibly drunk. After they questioned her, she told them that she got in to the bar without showing an ID. She also told them who the bartender was that served her.

The police also found a couple of men that were both 19-year-old, in the bar and were being served by the same bartender. They allegedly had fake IDs. The two men were charged with possession of a forged instrument. The bartender had three counts of serving alcohol to minors.

The police also noticed that the bar was way over it’s capacity of 120 person capacity. The owners of the bar said that they are working with the New York State Liquor Authority to better identify fake IDs and to keep them out of the bar. James Miller, who is the Albany Police spokesperson said “All we're looking for, we understand that these places are businesses, that they're trying to make a living but also that they need to keep underage people out of the bars.”

Because it is a business, I honestly hope they get educated properly and can continue to operate. It helps bring revenue to a tough economy. A bar has got to be one of the toughest businesses to operate.