Have you had that conversation with your mate?  The old "how many people have you been with?" Convo?  Awkward.  And, maybe you're still not sure if you are normal in that department.  Well, a new website can help.

You may have heard Sean, Richie and I talking about this site this morning.

This is the ultimate tool to do that.

Slate.com has a thing where you enter your age, gender, and the number of sexual partners you've had.  Then they show how you stack up to other people in your age range in America.

They used data from a study of more than 13,000 people.

Of course, like all sex studies, there's a catch:

All of the data is self-reported, so it's possible people ADDED... or SUBTRACTED a few partners to make themselves feel better.

Check it out at your own risk... Click Here!  Good luck!