What stinks in your world?  Dirty diapers? Smelly garbage cans?  2 and a Half Men with Ashton Kutcher?  I guess it's a personal question, but they asked some folks from the Motherland, and here's what they found out. 



According to a publication across the pond called  The Metro, they asked Brits what they thought their most disgusting aromas were.  Looks like "cheesy socks" ranked very high.  "Cheesy" being a British term meaning-ahh-stinky.   (this is my sock, btw.  It isn't smelly in real life, but I needed a visual!)






The good old wet,  smelly dog came in #1 as the most "stinky aroma" in the land.   Sorry, I was going to use our dog as a prop, but refused to spray the little guy down and make him roll in something just for some stinkin' blog (I mean that literally).  This dog definitely needs Fabreze!




It's funny.  We had a minivan once with a smell that could best be described as "old sandwich". No matter what we did, this rotten baloney stink emanated from beneath the front driver's side seat.  But there wasn't anything under it!  So I will go with the "rotted Iacoccamobile" as the worst thing I've ever smelled.

Oh-wait a minute!  I take that back.  I just thought of something worse, and if you have teenagers, you might be able to relate to this parody of Kenny Chesney's "Don't Blink".

Yes, I agree-that parody stinks too!
UPDATE:  We have great friends in England, coincidentally- the Hearsey's.  Kelly, Glenn and their very astute children Millie and Jay live in the south eastern county of Buckinghamshire.  We had an amazing opportunity to stay with them a couple of years back, and let me tell you, their town was FAR from smelly!  It's everything you would picture in a little hamlet nestled in the English countryside.  But I thought it would be interesting to conduct my own poll to see if the kids would agree with the results of the study above.     You've gotta hear this!