You've heard bizarre stories of stalkers.  It can be terrible.  Sometimes people stalk online, other times in person.  There's also phone stalkers.  People that taunt others day and nite, day and nite.  This lady however might have just made the Guinness Book of World Records


According to a story at

A 42-year-old Dutch woman apparently had a very, very hard time letting go of her former boyfriend ... or his phone number. Prosecutors claim she called him 65,000 times in the last year, and are charging her with stalking.

Ok.  I am about to dazzle you with math.  65,000 divided by 365=178 and change.  We'll say 180, OK.  This person called 180 times a day.  A person is awake about 16 hours a day, right?  So divide that out, and you get 9 times a waking hour. That's about a phone call every 5-6 minutes.  (She must be calling from the toilet too!)

And she didn't think it was being too excessive!

Yes, I know-this is a serious topic.  Millions are stalked every year.  There are ways to protect yourself.  I found this clip from CBS This Morning via YouTube that outlines some steps.

I was actually a victim myself recently.  I counted 65,456 phone calls, and every time during dinner.  DAMN TELEMARKETERS!