I hate flying. It's not so much the fear of crashing or anything like that, if I even have a thought like that I push it out of my head and use logic, I just say to myself, "Well it's out of your hands at this point, and stressing about it or thinking about it won't help." That seems to work for me.

What I do hate about flying is being cramped in such a tiny space with a plane full of strangers.

I think all of us have that fear when we walk on the plane that we will have to share a long flight with someone who drives you crazy the entire time sitting next to you. For the most part the worry is something like, "Please don't let there be a baby or young kids next to me" or maybe, "Please don't put someone who has bad breath and wont stop talking to me next to me."

I don't think anyone could even imagine that they would be sharing a flight with THIS woman! What would you do?

WARNING: This video contains a swear word.