We have been going through a good stretch of hot weather, and hey, sometimes you just really need something ice cold to cool off.

Stealing $120 in ice cream may be the extreme, but that is what Robert Fuller tried to do in Niagara Falls. According to upstatenewyork.com, Fuller tried to snatch the ice cream from the Twist O' the Mist ice cream stand yesterday morning. According to the article, the stand's owners caught him in the act. No surprise —reports say he seemed drunk.

First, who needs $120 worth of ice cream? Second, where was this guy going to stash all the ice cream so it would not melt? Finally, wouldn't a nice, cold glass of water have done the trick? I bet he could have asked for that at the stand and gotten it for free! All logical questions for you and I, but details someone a few cocktails in would not ponder.

Happy Summer everyone! And don't let the heat get to you as much as this guy!