You know, you do your best at being a good guy. Yeah we all want to be a little more romantic from time to time , but it's just not easy. So most men understand that since we all can't do it, whether because of time restraints, money shortages, or just a lack of talent in that area, we should never do too much so as  not to raise the bar too high for your fellow men.  This is Guy 101 people.

Apparently this guy "Shawn" didn't get the memo.  This jerk not only goes far and away above the reasonable romance level, he actually had the nerve to post it on the internet for all the world to see. Fortunately for me, I have already gotten married before my Wife had a chance to see this atrocity on the "YouTube, " so I'm in the clear as far as that goes. But really the way this dude thought everything out and took an entire year to put this together, he just makes us all look bad on a daily basis. I can hear it now, "Why can't you be more like that Shawn guy from the internet?" UGH. And as much as you want to say it you can not respond with the obvious, "well, why can't you be more like that Jenna from the internet?!" This will NOT go well.

I will forever long for the old days when women were just happy enough with tricking you into proposing and being glad you showed up at the ceremony. Those days are over now my friends. I guess since it's already out there and I've talked about it, I may as well show you what this show off did, I will warn you though my man card holding friends, it mat make you angry for quite some time.

Dude! What were you thinking? The bedroom? The writing in the isle with chalk? The listening to her when she talks about weddings? Well, good luck living up to that day until death does you part.

Let me be the first to say, "Thanks a lot Shawn, for making just that much harder for the rest of us! And, nice job, if Colleen can motivate you to do such an amazing job at making her dreams come true, she has clearly, already done that for you. You are clearly a great example of love for the rest of the world and lucky to have each other. Be Happy, and God Bless.