Did you want to be a superhero when you grew up?

Anna Brewer is currently a junior at Hoosick Falls Jr./Sr. High School and pretty much is a superhero. She has been volunteering with the Hoosick Falls Rescue Squad for the last five years!

At her age, how does one get started in the volunteering process? In a video with WNYT, Brewer says:

I was coming home with my friend one day and her mom is involved with the rescue squad, and they're like 'oh, we have a youth group do you want to come and join?'

From there she stopped and checked it out, joined and hasn't regretted a moment.

Brewer is gaining some basic field experience; getting the EMT bags together, checking blood pressure, neurological testing and other "little things" as she puts it.

What's the hardest part? "Waking up at 3 a.m. for a call!" she says.

To watch the video interview and learn more about this amazing teen, check it out on WNYT.