If there is one thing that is cool about technology and social media it's that it has closed the gap between us normal folk and celebrities considerably.

Some people get excited if their favorite musician even "retweets" them, imagine if they shared a video of you doing a cover of their song? That's what happened to a guy named Branden Martin.

Montgomery Gentry shared a video from countryrebel.com on their Facebook page and said,

"Y'all gotta see this to believe it!"

That is high praise coming from them because Montgomery Gentry had a hit with "Hillbilly Shoes back in 1999.

According to the article Branden is just 23 years old but has been "singing and writing music for some time." It shows that this guy really knows how to play guitar and a he's pretty darned good singer too.

I'm not sure where this video was recorded but it just seems to be a family gathering or picnic and luckily for the people who were there, Branden decided to do a little entertaining.

Check it out: