Who doesn't like a good cute baby video?  It's probably only second to a good cat video.  What person or company in their right mind would try to fight a woman putting up a cute clip of her baby dancing up on YouTube?   I'll tell you who – and I'll tell you what happened.

According to recode.net,  a woman by the name of Stephanie Lenz  thought it would be very adorable back in 2007 to upload a 30 sec video of her toddler dancing to a song by Prince- "Let's Go Crazy".

Well a record company called Universal music owns the copyright to the song and told YouTube that they had to take it down.   The woman sued because she said it violated a rule that protects certain kinds of "fair use"situations, which this (her lawyers claimed) falls under.

Well, long story short? The woman won the case, at least temporarily - so now we can all enjoy this once more.   Good for Mrs Lenz and her cute kid with the happy feet!


(by the way,  if you see her comment under the video does she want you to share this with as many people as possible so do it if you support her effort to "fight the power".