I had to use one of those awful titles you see on blogs these days because well, it seemed to fit the situation. Even though this video is of me and my son, Caden I have to believe it's as funny as any of the viral kid videos these days, even I can't believe the ending.

I'll Give you a quick back drop. I was doing the old , "Oh look what's in your ear" trick with my 5 year old and I had already pulled a couple of action figures out by the time my wife started to video it. He was astounded and couldn't figure out how to do the trick himself , so I told him to concentrate and wish the object into my ear and he tried but just couldn't make it work.

So at this point I'm am just trying to find ways to continue to grab nearby objects without him seeing me and finding them in his ear. That is what I am trying to do with the remote at the end of the video when he heard it fall behind him. What he said, made my night.