Today was the first of what I hope are many visits from our friends at Saratoga Eagle. In honor of the Altamont Craft Beer Fest this Saturday Corey and Chris from Eagle stopped by with a few beers to sample.

We learned a important rule from the guys. Every day should start with a Bud.

What you see here is the new look for the "King of Beers". This is the new can that Budweiser will be styling from now on. I love it!

Now on to the first beer we sampled that you will be able to enjoy Saturday at the Craft Beer Fest in Altamont. Lager fans know that Beck's is one of the best and their "Beck's Octoberfest" keeps that high level of quality. You can definitely taste that Beck's flavor but it is a little fuller and darker. A really nice sipping beer you really need to try if you enjoy a full body lager.

The final sample today was a seasonal brew full of flavor and totally something different I wasn't expecting but really enjoyed. "Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat" this is a fun beer with a hint of citrus and pumpkin. If you are one of those people that gets excited about pumpkin coffee and fall flavors this is your new beer.

Good news is both "Beck's Octoberfest" and "Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat" have the full support of Saratoge Eagle and Anheuser Bush which means you will be able to find them where ever you buy Bud products. Please enjoy responsibly.

If you'd like to hear Corey and Chris explain the Altamont Craft Beer fest and all these great beers listen here.