We unveiled two new beers on today's show. Bud Light Platinum and Shock Top Wheat I.P.A.(India Pale Ale). Both were very interesting beers. The first was Bud Light Platinum, now the thing about this beer is it's STRONG! 6 % alcohol is a lot. Do not take this beer lightly. It's very good with a subtle flavor and a kick. I like it but I am very serious when I say plan ahead with this one, it's not your grandpa's Bud.

The second we tried was Shock Top Wheat I.P.A. I will be open, I.P.A.'s aren't my bag but the citrus wheat flavor is good and I enjoy it. Cut's the normally strong bite of a I.P.A. so in closing I endorse both of these beers but both are strong and need to be taken seriously Bud Light Platinum is 6% and Shock Top Wheat I.P.A. is 5.8% alcohol .

Listen to us and Chris and Scott explain the beers.