Shows you how much I know.  I get sick of people constantly saying the word "awesome".  It's one of the most overused words I can think of, to be honest.  But apparently, if you say it enough, it can almost have a therapeutic effect.  That's ...awesome (yecch)

According to an article I read on :
" Researchers at Stanford University say that people who have "awesome" experiences, like seeing the Grand Canyon or the Northern Lights, get fixed on the present moment and feel time slowing down. They become more patient, less focused on material things, and more willing to spend time helping others, the Independentreports.

Instead of being my pigheaded self, I tried this.  I thought back to a few "awesome" events in my own life to see if it made my mood a little better on this Monday morning

I went through some random shots on my hard drive.  This is in no particular order of importance.

This was my once-in-a-lifetime chance to actually walk on Abbey Road in England, where the Beatles staged their eternally famous album cover.       Ok.  This was Awweeeeesome.

This was my son many years ago when we went to the Grand Canyon.  The pilot let him ride "shotgun" in a helicopter,  while we sat in the back clinging for dear life.      Definite Aweeeesomeness.  And what Dorrie, Ben and I saw when we entered the canyon was even MORE awesome.

Grand Canyon

Our trip to Las Vegas was very, very, very awesome.  To actually see the Vegas strip in person was kind of surreal.  Plus, seeing an Elton John concert there was very, very, very, very (add 5 more very's) and then the word "awesome ".


Another amazingly awesome moment was the day that Kenny Rogers visited the station, stood next to me and asked me to play a Kenny Rogers hit while he sang two inches away from me.  My hands shook so violently that I couldn't form a chord.

So put yourself in a better state of mind today.  Yell "awesome" at the top of your lungs.  Think awesome thoughts from past or present.  Boy, with all the news out there lately, we need it!

What were YOUR awesome moments?  Would love to know in the comment section.