We have many, many cubicles here at Townsquare Media.  When you walk by them, you have no choice but see everyone's activities - although 'round here, we have some hard workin' professionals, so no need to give them the list of "no no's".  But as a public service for any of you who need it....

I found an interesting article - "Crimes of the Cubicle", from Salary.com.   Some people do some pretty bizarre stuff, and I can't say it's behind closed doors, because there aren't any!

Here are just some of the questionable behaviors:

1.Carrying out personal hygiene that should be done at home - like flossing or shaving.  Nobody wants to hear or see that , plus those little hairs go all over your computer screen.

Photo by Richie Phillips

2. Making a sandwich in there.  Who wants to smell that in the next cubicle?  Who wants dabs of mayonnaise that you slobbered accidentally on the desk instead of your sandwich that you shouldn't be eating in there in the first place.

3.  Napping in there -  Hey- who's snoring in cubicle 6?   (wow, I'm jealous of that actually. We can't do that on the air.  It might be slightly noticeable.

Check the article once again at Salary.com and you'll see more no no's.  What crazy things have YOU seen?  Let me know.