Mother’s Day is the one day that’s set aside to show mom how much you appreciate her.

I had a list of places where you could take her to dinner. Now how about some other things that you could do, or some places that you could take her.


5) Go to the movies

Find out what movie what that mom would like to see. There are plenty of movie theaters in the Albany area.

4) Get ice cream

I’ll bet she treated you to plenty of ice cream when you were a kid. You can check out my list of Albany area ice cream places.

3) Tulip Fest

Tulip Fest is the annual tradition in Albany’s Washington Park. Unfortunately the tulips may have already bloomed because of the warm spring weather. Still a lot of stuff going on.

2) Bowling

There's probably a bowling alley near you. It’s also a way to get a little bit of exercise.

1) Hang out at home

You won’t have to go anywhere. Just bring mom her gift, and visit with her for the day.


It doesn’t matter what you do. The main thing is to spend time with your mom. As for my mom, I love you and miss you. Happy Mother’s Day.