There is a definite disconnect between the male and female species--especially when it comes to the subject of "what stays and what goes". But sometimes a guy has to stand up for what's right despite the odds!

I love to hoard technology, for example. Anything that still works, kinda works, or at least blinks when you plug it in stays where it belongs--on a shelf in the basement.

That also applies to all of the media that goes with it--

Exhibit A: My old albums- Especially Alan Sherman (Hello Muddah....Hello Faddah)
Elton, Billy Joel, Beatles- don't even ask me twice!

B. 45's. ( big hole). Especially the first one I ever got by Jan and Arnie!
(I was 5 years old-- they became Jan and Dean!!!)

C. Toshiba laptop- This sucker has a floppy screen.  Just about to fall off.  I tied it together with a shoelace and some electrical tape.  Works like a charm.

D.  Four Track Cassette Multitracker- Many many parodies recorded on that bugger. I paid $1200 for it back in the day. Never mind that there's an app for the IPad that gives you an 8 track studio for $4.99!

F. Huge trusty, rusty, paint encrusted screwdriver- Totally random, I know
But I had to include it because my father gave it to me years ago to
Start me off with a tool set. (doesn't fit in the tool chest)

There you have it. May mean nothing to her OR you, but you know what
They say about one man's trash!

Wow--if you really think about it--this would make a good subject for a song!  And a slideshow!!!