Every weekday in May, we are giving you 2 chances to put a Grand of CASH In Your Hand. Which got me to thinking - what would  I do if I won an extra $1000 to throw around?
First thing I would do is go out for a great meal at...

677 Prime

I think that picture says it all.

The second thing I would do...

SPAC Megaticket

I would purchase a pair of country Megatickets for SPAC this summer. Yes, I am lucky enough to get into these shows with the radio station, but I am writing this from the perspective of getting to win the $1000. If this was the case, I would not be a station employee. Which means I would be buying my Megatickets to see Miranda, Luke, Toby and Florida Georgia Line at SPAC this summer!

With the rest, I's put it towards...

Adirondack Getaway

Summer's coming folks. Time to plan some getaways. And the Adirondack's are a must!

Good luck putting a Grand In Your Hand all month long. And maybe you will win $10,000!