I have a publication that I read often.  Yes, it's an actual newspaper.  Ever heard of it?  It's made of deceased trees.  But seriously, they had a great article about an expansion project that will make everyone in the Niskayuna area jump for joy. 

The Rexford Bridge is the gateway to Saratoga County for us Niskayun-ites.   You realize just how important it is if you try to cross it around 5pm any day.  Between all of the GE employees trying to get home and everyone else, it's a nitemare scenario.  I've seen the traffic backed up from the bridge almost to Niskayuna High School at certain times.

This is so great.  They are creating a "new four lane span designed to relive chronic congestion" according to the headline in "Your Niskayuna" newspaper.

Google Earth

They plan to break out the power tools in the spring of 2016. It should be ready if all goes well in 2017.  Of course it makes you wonder if they're will be even MORE congestion for that entire year of construction, but I guess that's the price we'll have to pay to alleviate this  long-standing problem in the Capital Region.

Can't wait.  Can you?