I had a great opportunity once again to be the emcee for a GE event at Proctors. And the talent I intro-ed? Second to none - especially the dancers! All of the acts that night were great—don't get me wrong. There was barbershop quartet group "The Forgetful 4" and the party band "Harmony." But even they will agree that the highlight of the evening was the talented kids who danced up a storm on the iconic Proctors stage. They were from the famed Ferrara's Dance Studio in Rotterdam, which has been in this area for more than 60 years.

I grabbed some shots (albeit blurry) from the wings to at least give them some recognition here.

photo from Richie

Just watching these kids made me think of all who have come before them on that stage. If you walk into Proctors, you will see some photos in the display case that show some of the entertainers who passed through on the vaudeville circuit there, including Bob Hope, W.C. Fields and so many more.

Now they have something to put in their OWN "mental display case." Congrats to the kids.  I know the folks in the audience (and yours truly) got a huge kick out of them.