Don't be seen with a peasant beer in your hand at the bar this summer... or ever!

A new study figured out the top 10 beers people drink just to look cool.

Beers were rated on things like their impression of the brand, the quality, the reputation, and how willing they are to recommend it.  Or, in other words, how cool do the beer brands make us feel.

Here are the top 10 cool beers . . .

1.  Samuel Adams

2.  Yuengling

3.  Guinness

4.  Fat Tire

5.  Dos Equis

6.  Stella Artois

7.  Heineken

8.  Blue Moon

9.  Corona

10.  St. Pauli Girl

You know what will always look and make you feel cool?  A tasting glass with over 200 different craft beer choices.  So, grab your passes now to Saratoga Brewfest at the Saratoga County Fairgrounds on June 13!
Maybe you'll find a beer there that you actually like the taste of!  Then you can go to the bar and order something that's yummy and makes you look and feel cool!