For as long as I can remember, I've never been the greatest sleeper. To this day, I need a constant source of noise to knock me out.  Like a fan blasting at "warp 80" or something like that.

No ticking clock!  That's OUT!  No thermostat controlled  heater or air conditioner either.  Those things shut off and turn on, which is what my eyes end up doing! And my wife's the same way, which makes it worse.  We're like noise junkies when we're on vacation.  We've been known to actually purchase fans when we're out of town, sneak them into hotels, use them, and leave them we go!   (What are supposed to do with them when you're done-buy them a seat on the plane???)     I know--no reason to yell!  It's a waste of money at $20 a pop.  But now--there's an app for that!!!

Introducing Sleep Pillow, an app that has a ton of "white noise" type sounds like water, forest, bonfire (wood smell not included), weather, nature, tribal (might be alittle much!), even premixed varied sounds.  You can even set a sleep timer to stop the sounds so you can wake up in case you have to ahhh--get up and do a radio show or something dumb like that!!

And they have a FREE version--do you believe that?  Here we are dragging fans all over the world, when all that's needed was a cellphone, a free app and a pair of earbuds!!

Only one drawback though---it has no FAN sound!!!!  Guess I'll have to settle for "rainforest" sounds.  Or just stay in Albany in the summer and open the window!!!

Ohh-BTW-the kid in the black and white photo isn't yours truly.  (you can tell--he's fast asleep--with no fan!!!)