The weirdest town name in New York is a guy's name, and apparently he is good looking.

Do you know which town we are talking about? According to Estately, 'Handsome Eddy' takes home the title of the weirdest town name in New York. And that wasn't the only one they found! Of course Coxsackie made the list, but are some of the other odd ones unclude Butternuts, Calcium and Rathbone.

Compared to other states, Handsome Eddy sounds absolutely normal. Some of my personal faves:

  • Big Sag, Montana
  • Big Bottom, Washington
  • Dull, Ohio
  • Booger Hole, Maryland

I am happy to say I don't live in a state that includes the town 'Booger Hole.' Here is the whole map from Estately:

Credit: Estately