Have you ever seen your dog wag it's tail in a certain way and wonder what it might mean?  These things keep me up at night, so I thought I would in investigate.

According to a short article at Newser.com ,  when the dog wags to the right it's happy and detecting danger when it's to the left.   They also seem to discover that dogs don't intentionally communicate to each other, but it's a strong indicator of how they feel
Check out this video from YouTube
It's interesting to note that the left side of a dog's brain controls the right side of the body and vice versa, much like a human's.
  Now I guess everyone in the Capital Region is going to be staring at their pooch's hindquarters to see if their right.  Well, that's still gotta be more fascinating than than watching any show with the Kardashians in it!
Now go feed your dog.  See how his tail is wagging?  He's hungry!!!