I am super excited to see the new season of AMC's 'The Walking Dead'. Turn's out not everyone is as excited and the father of the "zombie genre" is not thrilled. George A Romero the man behind 'The Night of The Living Dead' and pretty much any movie with "The Dead" in the title, said he has never seen it and has NO interest in it. Romero went on to say when he uses Zombies in his films he does it to spoof politics and society. He also hates that they have to become so main stream. Well I can agree to disagree with my boy George on this one. 'The Walking Dead' is a fantastic show that is full of drama, suspense and yes braaaiiinnnnssss. Funny thing they never say "zombie" on the show. They call them "Walkers". So you better believe I will be watching Sunday at 9 pm when Season 2 kicks off. If you can handle gore and love scary TV check out the trailer for 'The Walking Dead'!