Which of these shows, "The Voice", or "American Idol" do you like better and why?  Please compose a 250 word essay and write neatly.  I'll be coming around to collect your work in 30 minutes.  Wait til the second hand hits 12.  Ready?  Begin!

If that truly was your assignment, what would you write?  I'll give you my 2 cents and see if you agree.

"The Voice" and "American Idol" are two talent shows that look for the ultimate singing sensation.  Which one of these shows do you think is better overall?

I'll start by saying that I will be comparing "The Voice" against the CURRENT version of "Idol".   In terms of the judges, I personally like the "Idol" judges better.  They're friendly and constructive this year, but they do tell it like it is when they have to.   I'm not sure I like it when the judges have a vested interest in their artists.  It's kind of a weird concept.

In terms of the format, I still give the edge to "Idol".  I find that "The Voice" copies too much from the original.  I would have LOVED it if you never saw the faces til the end like I thought the show was going to be about.  Now that's something different!  You have stars mentoring the contestants before they go on stage (just like "Idol").  You have "saves" just like Idol. You have voting after the show just like Idol.   Is this show owned by Simon Fuller too? Maybe so!

As far as the hosts.  I don't find Carson Daly anywhere NEAR as charismatic as Mr. Seacrest.  He's friendly enough, but I don't think he adds anything special.  I know that the show isn't about them, but I think having an entertaining host makes the show that much better.

So far, nothing extremely positive about "the Voice" for me.   I also would like to see more ballads and slower songs to mix it up alittle bit, but maybe I haven't seen enough to make a fair judgement in that regard.

I do think that the show has done alot for Christina Aguilera's credibility, however.  I find her to be extremely smart and really sympathetic and not that big bag of crazy that everyone thinks she is.  Blake Shelton has proven to be extremely funny and a great addition as well.  But we already knew that.

I guess I will summarize by saying that I like "The Voice", but I honestly am more of a fan of my old standby favorite.  So to the "Voice", I will say .... OTHER DOOR.   Ok, I'm ready to hand this in to the teacher, YOU.

What do you think?  Do you agree?  Probably not.  I know I'm in the minority on this one.