Did you get a chance to catch the ACM Awards last night? Well, if you didn't you missed some pretty good stuff and some pretty awkward moments too. When I first began thinking of writing about the show I was going to go with an article about the awkward moments, perhaps even let you rank them from "worst" to "no this was ever worse than that". I then thought,  "No lets try to keep it positive Sean" and I will.

So, in between the normally very talented and prepared Luke Bryan messing up his lines, Tim McGraw's very flat singing at the beginning of his performance, Taylor Swift's dancing, and a possible lip synced performance by Rascal Flatts there really were some highlights! (staying positive)

As usual the ACM Awards didn't disappoint with the amount of performers, there were tons, so much so that the first award wasn't even given out until an hour into the show. (Is that a negative?) Were they all great? No. Let's be honest sometimes an artist is under the weather, sometimes the audio mixed well and sometimes an artist is just, off. (OK OK, let's get to the good)

(Ooh quick side note before I get to my favorite performances, I really am happy for and proud of Justin Moore for winning the new artist award, he is very deserving and his acceptance speech, complete with tears was AWESOME!  Way to go buddy.)

So with all that said... here are my top 3 performances from last night's ACM Awards:

3. Eric Church with "My Hometown"

Eric just seems to nail it most every time. Great song, well sung. Nuff said.

2. Blake Shelton with "My Eyes"

What a great song! Blake really sang it well live. This guy really is just getting better and better.

1. Darius Rucker with "Wagon Wheel"

Not sure how this didn't win "Single Record Of The Year" but what do I know. Oh wait, I KNOW this was the one time EVERYONE got off their butts and sang along the entire night! Way to go D!