When Dan & Shay were first starting out, I played a little prank on them. And last night they got a little payback at Secret Star.

Back in September of 2013 Dan & Shay were just starting out and were kicking off what they call a 'radio tour.' They basically head out on the road to visit a bunch of country radio stations to introduce themselves and perform their music to those running the stations.

The station I was working at in Portland, Maine was their first ever radio station visit. So, the record label staff  decided to have a little fun with them. On their way in they called me and asked me to storm out of the meeting after they performed a couple songs, telling them their act 'wouldn't work.' I was in. This sounded fun!

So, The meeting time finally comes around. And then i meet Dan & Shay. And they are really good dudes. My first thought was, 'these are really nice guys, how amy I going to pull this prank off?' Then they started singing me '19 You and Me' in our conference room. They I thought 'not only are they nice guys, they can really sing and their music is great. Again i though, how am i going to pull this off?'

There was no way I could sit through 2 songs pondering this. So after the finished singing '19 You And Me' I told them I didn't think their music would work, and asked the record label rep why they would 'waste my time with this.' I then stormed out of the room, and enjoyed the shocked look on their faces. Pure gold. I didn't let it linger, and jumped back in the room to end this cruel joke. Everyone had a good laugh.

Fast forward to last night at Secret Star. Dan & Shay pulled me on stage to sing me '19 You and Me,' the HUGE hit that started this whole prank. I was really nervous where this was going, but knew it was all in good fun. We have joked around about that day in that conference room for a while. And thankfully Donna came out on stage last night, which took the spotlight off me.

And for the record, they day I played that prank, I also committed to playing this great new act ;)