This weekend we see another version of 'The Three Musketeers' and 'Paranormal Activity3' could be a good scary date movie for the Halloween season. This is the fourth Three Musketeer movie here's a flow chart of the casts.

Cast 2011 version 1993 version 1973 version 1948 version
Richelieu Christoph Waltz Tim Curry Charlton Heston Vincent Price
De Winter Milla Jovovich Rebecca De Mornay Faye Dunaway Lana Turner
D'Artagnan Logan Lerman Chris O'Donnell Michael York Gene Kelly
Aramis Luke Evans Charlie Sheen Richard Chamberlain Robert Coote
Athos Matthew MacFadyen Kiefer Sutherland Oliver Reed Van Heflin
Porthos Ray Stevenson Oliver Platt Frank Finlay Gig Young

Here is the latest trailer for 'The Three Musketeers'.



This time of year I need a good scare. Let's hope 'Paranormal Activity 3' will do the trick.