Disclaimer: This one has a rating, in case some of the kids are clicking around here.  (Hey, I don't write the lyrics, guys - I just put music to it!) 

This was influenced by a statement one of the Kardashians mentioned.  Sean will explain here in the introduction, and then you can hear the contributions from your phone calls along with the final product!  I think you might recognize the tune I used too.  (What OTHER one could you use?)


So embarrassing for your soul

when you're swingin on a stripper pole

especially when you're 80 years old
swimming in a dirty fishbowl
hey do you have a change for a dollar
that old broad still knows how to holler
she's working with a replacement hip
praying to god that she don't slip
and your grandsons in the crowd yelling go granny go
so embarrassing for your soul