I don't think there is any movie or movie franchise that is so deeply entrenched in the American psyche as Star Wars.  If you have clicked on this blog I know I don't have to tell you that. I have been so excited about the JJ Abrams era of this universe, well I thought I was excited, but clearly after seeing this trailer I wasn't excited at all.

The goosebumps start right as the music begins and then increase in intensity as the trailer unfolds. First with the music , then the voice of Luke Skywalker, The image of Darth, Seeing the Millennium Falcon, Luke's metal hand touching R2-D2 like a man would touch his loyal dog... and then the ending. What a great tease for what should be the greatest earning movie of all time.

So, hopefully I have not built it up too much for you but I think you will still have the same reaction if you are as much of a fan of the franchise as I am. Enjoy, and please let me know what you think, or feel when you finish watching it.