I like to showcase and remind Country Music fans that we have a bunch of great talented musicians and bands all over the Northeast. If you're a fan of Classic Country, I'd like you to experience The Spurs USA.

You can see the group live on Saturday, December 7 at Danceland in Latham. Now,we take a moment to get to know the band with our interview with Dona Frank-Federico.

Meet The Spurs USA:

Q: How did your group come together? 

A: We started by being introduced at a friends birthday party, the kind where people bring their instruments and gather around. I started singing and the guys (all very accomplished musicians) told me they were starting a classic country band because it was a genre they all knew and loved. They invited me to join them. That was three years ago.

Q: How did you pick your group's name?

A: We picked the name in sort of a hurry when we were asked to play our first time at a battle of the bands we won in The Berkshires, at The Colonial Theater. It stuck.

Q: Why do you focus on playing Classic Country Music?

A: We all grew up with classic country, and like you, we don't want to see it die or diminish. People like Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, George Jones, Patsy Cline, they contributed so much to the country music industry. Even the contemporary country greats are still recording their covers! How can we let this and good old Texas swing go away?

Q: Where is the most interesting place that you have performed?

A: We have performed in some pretty cool places for a band only in existence for three years. We feel very blessed. Being asked, two years ago, to headline a Holiday time Country show at The Colonial, our second time there, was pretty cool. We invited some of our friends who sing contemporary country, like Whiskey City players, and a few other huge players, to join us. We put together a mini Grand Ol' Opry kind of show and it sold over 600 tickets. People loved it and we were so grateful to our sponsors for presenting us. Playing at the Saratoga Race Track is also a blast and interesting. We play between races so timing is important!

Q: Who are you band members and where are they from?

A: The band consists of very well known Berkshire players and me, the Saratoga Springs NY girl. LOL. Dwight O'Neil, lead vocals and guitar, is originally from Memphis Tn, he is a great country crooner. Andy Gordon, he plays banjo and pedal steel, is from Lenox, MA, Paul Rice, Fiddle, Electric country guitar and mandolin, is from the Pittsfield area, John Barrett, bass, is from Great Barrington, and Terry Hall, who is the regular drummer for Arlo Guthrie's band, plays drums. I am to singer and band manager in a way. I have the biggest mouth and an extensive marketing background.