The media loves to paint Miranda as the tough girl of country music, but she also spends a lot of time breaking up fights at her shows. The following videos have been uploaded to Youtube my concert goers:

Miranda Lambert breaks up a fight at her show in College Station, TX.

Miranda ends a fight between two guys (starts around 1:25 into the video)

Miranda breaks up a fight at K Wings Stadium (starting about 1:11 into the video). She stops performing and makes them stop.

Finally, the softer side of Miranda often comes out when she connects with the lyrics of her songs. “Over You” is a particularly difficult song that she often gets a little emotional with on stage. But during Miranda’s first concert after her father-in-law passed away, it was “The House that Built Me” that had her in tears. The crowd helped her out.

*Disclaimer from Debbie: Jeff Levack refused to do any work again today, so I put this together to show the softer side of Jeff on the GNA blog.