I was driving in the Albany area over the weekend, mainly in Latham on Route 9. I took a quick look over to check my blind spot, and I notice this one building.

It has a sign on it that says “coming soon.” I looked for a couple of seconds and saw nothing else about what might be coming to that building.

I drove down the road and turned around so I could get a better look because I was curious. Plus it’s almost next to Dunkin’ Donuts, so I thought about getting a coffee.

I go into the parking lot and take a better look, and a picture. I see nothing but an empty building with a big plain white truck in front. Could there be a little convenience store moving in there? Maybe it’ll be a small CVS or Rite Aid. How about a mini Stewarts shop? I always have an interest to see if a new business might be coming into the area.

Well, whatever it is, it’s coming soon. Do you have any guesses?