• Haircut & Style: Haircut, Shampoo Blow-Dry Set, Neck Trim, Beard Trim, Bang Trim, Flat Iron Finish, Thermal Ionic Straightening, Retouch, Brazilian Keratin Smoothing, Perm, Rod to Roller Transfer, Standard Perm, Temporary Keratin Smoothing
  • Color: Standard Full Head Foil, Standard Half Head Foil, Standard Top Head Foil, Non-Amonia Retouch Only, Retouch Only, Color Balance, T-Zone Color Only


  • Manicure: Regular Manicure, Gel Manicure, Polish Change, Paraffin, French, Nail Art (per nail)
  • Pedicure: Medi-Pedicure, Regular Pedicure, Mini-Pedicure, Gel Pedicure, Polish Change, Paraffin


  • Facial: Facial w/ Microderm Abrasion, Mini-Facial w/ Microderm Abrasion, Anti-Aging Facial, Oxygen Treatment, Acne Facial, Classic Facial, Back Facial, Mini-Facial, Chemical Peels, Enzyme Peels
  • Massage: Hot Stone Massage, One and One Half Hour, One Hour Massage, 30 Minute Massage
  • Waxing: Full Leg, Back, Arm, Bikini, Half Leg, Underarm, Brow, Lip

Questions for the Beauty and Wellness Expert:

  • Why is box color from the supermarket bad for my hair?
  • Should I shampoo and condition my hair everyday?
  • What is the difference between store bought shampoo and the shampoo my salon sells?
  • I am trying to grow my hair longer, do I still need to get it trimmed regularly?