Lots of folks are traveling this time of year - not only by car, but by use of the increasingly annoying airlines.  As if going through security isn't painful enough, there's always the fun of trying to find a seat that doesn't cut off blood flow to your arms and legs.  But there are secrets to a better seat

Seats are getting narrower on airlines.  They do that to get more in rows, hence jamming more butts into them to increase profit, of course.  But not only are the seats narrower, peoples' posteriors are getting larger!  According to an article at CNN.com

In 1962, the U.S. government measured the width of the American backside in the seated position. It averaged 14 inches for men and 14.4 inches for women. Forty years later, an Air Force study directed by Robinette showed male and female butts had blown up on average to more than 15 inches.


So who do you blame - the butts or the buttholders?  We could go all day on this discussion, but the bottom line (sorry) is that if you are dying to get more room for yourself on your next flight, there are "secret seats", according to travel advisor Peter Greenberg.  Here are some of his tips from a YouTube video I found .


Interesting, huh?  Sounds too good to be true, but it's worth a try.  Now if they only could provide the secret to getting an actual MEAL on the flight without brown bagging it, I'd pay millions for that.

What's your biggest complaint about flying? (for me it's called FLYING).