So late last week a co- worker told me about a website where you can go back in time to view web pages of a site through the years, even web pages that are no longer available. He told me he had found the most entertaining picture of me that brought him many of minutes, if not hours of amusement. Clearly, I had to find out what picture he was talking about so I went to find the site.

As I traveled the "Wayback Machine" and the Sean and Richie Show's old website as well as some very old pages from WGNA, I did indeed come across lots and lots of old pictures and posts from the golden age of my career. While I will save the most embarrassing picture (the one my friend was teasing me about) for last, I thought it might be fun for some of you to look back in time with me.

These are in reverse chronological order, the "Show" pictures from our site. It left off at 2005 so that is where we will begin our photographic journey through time.


This was taken backstage before a Big and Rich concert at SPAC, Thus the inclusion of Two Foot Fred, who was NOT actually a member of the morning show at the time.


This one is the picture that started 2004, at the time it was Richie, Me and "Scott the Producer" with Courtney Haydock doing news. When she left the show Chris Sousis joined to do news and somehow we cleverly photo shopped a new picture for the show:


This particular picture we took when we OVER celebrated "National Weatherman's Day". We even has Steve Caporizzo in for a cake! I love the shirt Steve.


This one came off of one of our Sean and Richie Show C.D's we used to put out. I look at it now, and I still cant believe we could afford 6 people on the show! Well, Benji worked for free. We all had some great great times back then.


This was about two years into the show but in reality, I would say this was the time we really found our own, and became a real "show". It is so hard to believe that was really 13 years ago, except for the fact that Richie has hair... AND it's not grey!

OK, now for the most embarrassing picture. I have to preface that this was posted on the WGNA website as the "DJ" picture for the "Cryin' , Lovin', Or Leavin' Show , which I hosted from 1996-1999. The picture itself goes back even a couple more years, probably to 1993 or 1994 so yes, 20 years!!!

A lot has changed since then, and I am no exception, although I'm sure this "look" may have actually been "OK" back then, I sure am glad I got older.

"Shameless Sean" circa: 1994

and here is one of Richie from about the same time:

Well that is my trip down memory lane, do you have any old memories from the show? People you loved, maybe games or contests we used to do? I'd love to here them!