Father's Day is fast approaching and you still haven't thought of the perfect gift. Well you are in luck my friends because if your dad is a golfer, a country music fan, or a guy that loves to have fun, I have your answer. Every year on the day after Father's Day  (no coincidence) we hold a golf tournament at the beautiful Stadium Golf Club in Schenectady.

Maybe you're thinking well, I or my Dad have no business being in a "tournament". Fear not, this is way more of an "outing" than a tournament. We are not great golfers either but we love to get out for the day smack around a ball with friends and enjoy a great lunch banquet and concert after wards. DO good golfers play in the tournament, yes but we don't hate them either, I mean someone has to win the darn thing, right?

Speaking of winning, we have great prizes and raffles that we do at the lunch, concert tickets, 50/50's and the like. And this year I believe we will be having prizes for a hole in one on all 4 of the par 3's. Including a $5000 cruise from Marcia Phillips Vacations - Cruises Inc. If you win it, take me please! I love a good cruise.

I really do enjoy every bit of the day but I have to say the lunch is spectacular. You  enjoy some amazing food from the incredible cooks at Stadium, and while you eat you get to enjoy great country music from Nashville recording stars. This year we have "Eden's Edge" and "Steve Holy" both will be highly entertaining.

The tournament is June 20 and it is a two person scramble which means two players will be playing "best ball", they each will shoot from the better of their two shots. However feel free to have groups of 2, 4, 6, or even one. The cost is a mere $107.00 a golfer and that includes all the gold, cart, greens fees plus the lunch and the concert. I know! It's crazy but that is how we operate at the Sean and Richie Show. Make sure you  print out your sign up sheet for registration. But remember, you will want to get on this fast to make sure you get a spot. We will see you there!

God Bless.