Have you ever been there?  The Saratoga National Cemetery?  No reason to if you don't have a loved one there, you say?  I beg to differ, even though I do have one there!

If you've never been there, here's a general idea of where it's located.  There are clear directions from the I87.  It's amazing the feeling you get when you are there.  My father was buried there in 1999 when it opened, and actually was one of the first groups to be commemorated there.  (I'm not happy to say that he was the first when it comes to something like this, don't get me wrong, but be that as it may)

You can read long lists of people who were killed in battle.  When you see the length of the list in the paper or on TV it gives you pause, for sure.   But to see actual headstones?  An entire field of them?  And then another field starting after the first one fills up and so on?  A powerful image to be sure.

This is my father's.  I had to sit here for a while and decide if this was too morbid or tacky to put up.  But I didn't think it was right to take shots of other family's headstones without permission, so at least I'm sure my dad would have thought it was OK.  He always spoke about his time in the Army.  He was always so proud of his years serving in the Philippines.  Even though he never finished his tour of duty.  He was honorably discharged because of malaria, believe it or not.   Our family remembers him this weekend  just as I'm sure your family remembers your loved ones, and a trip to this incredible place will bring it all home for you.  I am leaving you with a link to a cemetery website.  You can actually look up names here and see where your loved ones are buried.

OK - enough of that.    On a brighter note - enjoy the parades, the barbecues, the lakes, the pools that are opening, and the sunshine if/when we get it.   Have a great weekend, and we'll see you on Tuesday!    Richie