In light of the recent issue regarding  criticism of Chuck E. Cheese and their alleged promotion of gambling, a person known for this terrible addiction responds in song on the Sean and Richie Show! OK, I lied.  But I gave it the old college try with an imitation of The Gambler himself, Kenny Rogers.  BTW, the man has got to be one of my favorite country artists.  One of the biggest thrills I've ever had on this show was when Kenny came in.  Here's a picture:

Cool, huh?  I literally was shaking when he was standing next to me.  But I digress.  Let's get back to the issue at hand, shall we?

So I was wondering how he would have responded to this whole subject (and you can see my other blog for details if you need more backstory.

This was recorded live on the air today with a video camera in my face.  That darn Nick Lee strikes again.  I'm sure this will be repeated in another blog somewhere.  I certainly hope not!

Disclaimer:  Kenny may or may not agree with the point of view of this song.  His experience my vary.  Some restrictions apply.  Offer not good in Hawaii, Alaska, or any part of Tennessee