David Nail is in the midst of charting the biggest hit of his young career with "Let It Rain".

He actually played Countryfest 2 years ago and had his debut hit "Red Light" out at the time. David Nail's voice is the star of this current song which is a song about a guy that just got whammied by his wife for being a "bad boy". LOL! That's putting things lightly. Apparently a lot of listeners can identify with his song because the single download sales have been exploding at Itunes.

It is racing up the charts too and may be cracking the top 5 soon at the pace it is going. This guy is going to be a star, and the "Rain" may be a "good thing" for David Nail too. Luke Bryan had fun with "Rain is A Good Thing" which literally took his career to the next level.

Let's "Let It Rain" with David Nail.