The first time I met Kenny Chesney was back in 1995. I was at a radio convention in Los Angeles for a publication called "Gavin". It's funny, he had just signed with BNA Records and I think my music director and I were close to the only ones there who knew him, or at least knew his last album, "In my Wildest Dreams" on Capricorn records. I remember this because we raved to him about the song, "Tin Man" which we loved and told him we thought he should re release it at some point which he eventually did as a single off his "Greatest Hits" C.D. in 2000.

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That weekend, I had the chance that weekend to hang out with him in the studios of the show "After Midnite" with Blair Garner. A night that would also include visits from Martina McBride and David Ball. The thing I remember most about Kenny at the time was, he was very humble, nice and a big fan of country music in general. I liked that.

I would see him again in Albany N.Y. at WGNA in I think about 1998. I was doing the night shift on the station and filling in on afternoons when someone said, Kenny Chesney would be stopping by to do an in studio interview. I was a fan so I got pretty excited about it. He spent about an hour in the studio, we talked about a lot of things on and off the air, that time in L.A., sports, music you name it. The highlight of the interview was when he did my favorite song, "Me and You" live in the studio and I got to "sing along" if only under my breath. Again I came away with the feeling that this is just a really good guy, and I hoped big things would come for him.

He came to Coutryfest in 2000, what a great show that was, Kenny, Martina, and Tracy Byrd. Great show, and I remember playing basketball with Kenny and some other people backstage after the show, turns out he isn't bad... for a short kid!

Oddly enough, after that the guy blew up, and I have not had much opportunity to talk to him, or even see him for that matter, and as we were never "friends" I bet he wouldn't remember any of what I just shared with you, but I do because I'm the fan. That is the cool thing about being a fan of someone, even the quickest or smallest moments can really mean a lot to you , even if they were just "doing their job". The guy was always pretty friendly to me. Maybe I'll have a chance to say Hi to him Tomorrow night at the concert.

So, if you were hoping for some "dirt" I'm sorry to disappoint I don't really have any, or at least anything I'd share on here. I do however have a photo that was taken when he came to WGNA in 1998. I showed it to a lot of different people around her and no one could tell me who was with me in the picture! So funny. The guy has changed a lot over the last 15 years to say the least.

He may hate me for sharing but here is the picture I bet Kenny, or me probably , really would rather you didn't see!

Kenny and Sean, WGNA

Actually, ... I kinda look good. :)