I am not a big fan of 20 different dishes on the table for Thanksgiving. I like what I like and am not one to try things I don't think I will like. Thanksgiving is about stuffing yourself and being thankful for friends and family. So If I'm going to truly stuff myself this is what I want to see on the table. LOL

5. Real Mashed Potatoes and Beef Gravy

Don't try slipping in Potato Buds on this guy. I will know! The gravy should be homemade, but if not that's ok as long as it is Heinz. Haha! I'm not picky am I?

4. Meat (Turkey and a small Ham)

You really do need both. A lot of people don't like turkey believe it or not, and some don't like ham but between the two you are bound to make everyone happy. I actually love them both.

3. Creamed Onions with Bread Crumbs on Top

You know what? I have to be honest, you need to just let my mom make this and I'll bring it over from her kitchen. You can never make this once a year treat as good as my mom.

2. Sweet Potatoes with Orange Glaze and Walnuts

Oh yeah! This is the king of all holiday delicacies. I hope my girlfriend is not reading this becasue she is now saying "To hell with him if he thinks I'm going to pull a Paula Deen and cook all of this for him!" LOL

1. Plain Jane Green Beans

Just cut the ends off, put them in a pot with a little ham hock and boil them for 20 minutes then dump them in a bowl. I love green beans.

And.. for dessert? Don't be shocked by this.


What would make your perfect Thanksgiving dinner let me know and we'll compare notes and calories.

Whatever you do just make sure that your Thanksgiving Dinner doesn't go to hell in a handbasket like it did in this awesome clip from the CW series "Gossip Girl". You've got to watch how this unfolds and blows up at the table.