Stardom.  It can ruin a person.  It can fuel a person’s ego to the point that they can’t relate to the common "Joe" or "Jane"  like you and I.  You would think that it work like this:  The more success you have, the more aloof you become.   Well, from my experience here over the years, I oddly found that to be complete BUNK (for the most part)

Here are the  top 5 nice Country stars that stick in my mind as being off the charts  nice!!!

#1. Phil Vassar- Unbelievably nice.  Came on the air with us a few years ago...stayed after for almost until LUNCHTIME.  He wouldn’t leave!—and guess what?  We didn’t WANT him to.

#2.   Kenny Rogers.  (he’d be #1 if it weren’t for Vassar)  A superstar, but you would never, ever know it.   Hung out with us, told us personal stories, even came over to my piano and asked me to play a Kenny Rogers song---my hands shook uncontrollably!

#3.  Lonestar- (too bad they’re no longer!)  They were so much fun on the air.  Former lead singer Richie McDonald actually played “Amazed” on my keyboard.  That was the ultimate cool moment.

#4. Jason Michael Carol-  Met him at last year’s Countryfest along with his wife and son.  He was playing soccer with his son before his performance, and you can just tell that  he’s a devoted family man.  Another guy who was great with listeners, and that’s key for us here at the radio ranch.

#5. Darryl Worley- A new and welcome addition to the list.   One of the best meet and greets I’ve ever attended right before our WGNA Winter Concert very recently!   He spent a lot of time with each person.  Signed everything everyone asked him to sign and never complained.  Even if I hated him, I still would have stayed for his show out of respect.  But of course, staying was a no-brainer   He put on a great show, went out into the crowd, and looked like he genuinely wanted to be there .

There are many many others.   But the point here is that being nice to me always wins out.  You remember a person for it.  You don't think it makes a huge difference.  Hell, they'll never see us again--why would they care, right??     Well, I for one disagree.   Cuz as a wize person once said "Watch it--cuz the people you meet on the way up are the SAME ONES you'll meet on the way down!!!" (who said that?  I think Charlie Sheen!!!)

(Someday I will count down the most annoying stars we’ve met-------Nahhhhh--that wouldn't be NICE, would it?)