This is always a difficult bit for me to put together.  It takes discipline to write a News of the Week song every week,  but it was my New Year's resolution to try to do this on a more regular basis. 

There have been so many things good and bad this week.  Everything from the government shutdown  fiasco (I didn't put that in here in case it got passed overnite!) , Donald Trump running for President, the media personalities exiting major networks,  trouble for Obama's good buddy (embarrassing!!!!), the Master's tournament-and this is just for one week!

   Well, here's what I put down just now.  I literally just finished this at 11:59am on Thursday, 4/7, in case you are wondering!

Well-there ya go!  Hey-question.  Anybody out there a good caricaturist?  Would love to put these songs to some kind of visuals and make it a feature on our website.  If you know someone, please email me at             Enjoy!