HotelsCombined recently did a study to determine the most popular states to visit, and New York comes in pretty high on the list. 

The study basically involved determining the states with the most hotel bookings to determine which state folks visit the most. Now, some of this is based on tourism I am sure, but for a state like New York, business visits are probably a big factor. New York landed at #5 on this list. No surprise, California and Florida came in at 1 and 2 respectively. Here are the full rankings:

Credit: HotelsCombined

I think the crazy thing here is where our new England neighbors rank. Massachusetts comes in middle of the pack at #21, but Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine are all in the bottom 10. All huge tourist destinations. But again, this study determines overall visits so who knows where they really land as far as being desirable destinations to visit for pleasure.