Well, our radiothon continues, and I had the unique opportunity to run down and answer phones this morning for St. Jude.  I only did it for an hour.  I'm sure our volunteers will have many, many more stories to tell.  But I have a quick one that made this very real for me personally, and I wanted to share it.

We have an amazing station with amazing WGNA listeners, and I mean that sincerely.   We pushed these phone numbers for a total of 8 hours on our show (and you can continue to call until 7PM tonite, by the way:

  We know that you are calling, but don't really get to talk to you one-on-one when we are on the air, so it's always refreshing and very rewarding to hear actual voices. 

   There is one lady who's message really stuck in my head, and I had to blog about it.  I will leave her name out of  it to honor her privacy though.

She said that she didn't have enough money to become a partner in hope.  Of course, I responded "no problem- whatever you donate is fine.  She then said that her electric was about to be turned off but she knows that her credit card still works, so she'd like to donate $10.00.


        You never know who's going to be on the other end of that phone when you pick it up.  So many touching stories, and all the more reason that we need to keep up the donations to help defeat childhood cancer.  Please support St. Jude.